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Photo Credit: Berluti

Photo Credit: Berluti

I was a skater girl. Or a wannabe at least. I do know I had the clothes and the shoes.  And there was a lot of falling.

But I feel like this morning’s tiny video goes far beyond the skater girl and the clothes she might wear fifteen years later.  I had the chance to hang out with some precious kiddos this weekend, and I couldn’t help but wonder at their verve for life.   Nothing was stopping them, whether they were two, six or twelve.  Calculated doubt had not yet crept into their conscious.  And naturally, I wanted to revisit that age.

Internal pro/con listing, and so many thoughts have been preventing forward movement lately.  So many excuses. And I feel like it’s about keeping those youthful aspirations alive, let alone the spirit and force for creation that gets bogged down as responsibilities accumulate.

Basically, keep skating, but maybe reconsider those baggy pants. 


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