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Photo Credit: Spoon

Photo Credit: Spoon

The times when lunchtime Cait messages dinnertime Tiff will be coming to and end soon! We can’t believe the summer is over. Cait will be returning to Cambodia in a few weeks, just in time for Tiff to leave for Kenya. The two of us are not particularly good at staying put. Cait is making a bucket list, Tiff is making a packing list, and our list of blog projects to do when we are both in the same country is getting longer every day. We are excited to be in the same place again, jamming on ideas again, high five-ing in tuk tuks again. Until then, we continue to share stuff on the internet and e-high five.

This Toronto eatery sums up what my heart misses about the city.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert started last night. I haven’t seen it yet, but I am excited about the header.

I will never ever tire of vintage airline branding.

I have been spending time looking at fun trips around Asia for when I get back, and I think I need to stay here. Apparently I don’t “slum it” anymore.

My monolids are big on these eyes right now.

Part of class this week was analyzing the last Alexander McQueen show before he died. So worth watching.

Inspo to kick my butt into taking my home office up a notch.

I need a haircut. This or this?

Oh damn, hipster Barbie is now showing everyone up on Instagram.

Wait, really? Pendleton is making Star Wars blankets and my nerd self wants Darth Vader to snuggle with me.



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