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Full confession, I haven’t slept much at all. Large collection of drawings due this morning and primary stressors in my life are color palette and why the hell I can’t get that dark purple blue I want. Anyway, something good.


In the photography class I took last week, our guest speaker, Cecilia Harris, taught us some photo editing skills. I have done a bit, but mostly the basic stuff, and nothing too fancy. Since one day in class narely scratches the surface of that abyss that is Photoshop, she suggested that we try It’s brimming with tutorials on everything from photography to 3D animation and business. The videos are put together by professionals in the field, and are vetted before they get on the site. As Cecilia explained in class, a lot of the stuff on YouTube is garbage, and there is no way to know who is teaching, or if its good quality. The tutorials are clear and professional. I also like that the site sounds like the name of an 80’s, slightly edgy club girl, pogo-ing with her scrunchie to Cyndi Lauper.

I’m so tired.

Anyway, I hope this is useful to somebody. I am excited to get into it. I’m also excited to watch all of Saved by the Bell again and to stop drawing because my right hand is looking about 1000 years old and actually just cracked.



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