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Art Credit: Liz MacInnis

Art Credit: Liz MacInnis

No September passes me by without my namesake. It’s been like that since I was in me wee years. And even though I’ve lived outside of Toronto for the last eight years, I still find myself perusing through every single film featured at each year’s festival.  My obsession with movies and the show biz knows no bounds. So keeping with annual tradition, I’m putting my money on each little (or big) critical darling that will explode a new filmmaker, star or trope onto the scene.  And more importantly, finding inspiration from visionaries and voices, young and old, from near and far.  We all know that Matt Damon is going to be #winning on Mars. This year, I find myself looking for narratives that are outside the box, voices that are only now staking their claim in the world, and sometimes, stories and moving pictures that are just downright fun.

So without further delay, here are some of my picks for TIFF 2015.

Because history and tears and learning about why we celebrate in June every year.

Because it is downright absurd and tragicomic at the same time.

Because it was shot in one take (and I love when someone does that).

Because holy crap scary.

Because contemporary independent lady-led Indian cinema.

Because gorgeous, sumptuous, and I want to see more from here.



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