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C / tish and blue



Hey girl, hey. Working with our amazing friend, Tish, was way too much fun. She is a vibrant, outgoing, whip-smart woman, who also happens to be stupid gorgeous. She wanted something classic but interesting for a friend’s wedding in Bali, so we put together this two piece. The design was pretty simple, it needed to breathe (Bali: sweat monster), move well (hello dancy party pants!) and be sexy without crossing the line into, well, over the line.

I am happy with how the piece turned out, and even though my post-fashion program brain is picking the whole thing apart, she looks gorgeous, and I will take full credit. Minus the genetics, the fabulous shoes, the lighting, the actual photos and the construction of the dress, other people did that. But the rest was me, allllll me.

03---Tish-on-Wall (1)Tiff took Tish out on her gorgeous rooftop for the photos and I love them. Its great seeing Phnom Penh as the background, and almost makes me miss the place. I also love the idea that something I make has an adventure out in the world. Especially if those adventures include the implication of sexy times on a rooftop. Rawr. 07---Tish-Attitude




(Did you hear that? Tish just dropped the mic.)

If you want to steal the photos, I totally get it. But please ask Tiffany Tsang for use.



2 thoughts on “C / tish and blue

  1. I so much love this outfit. Love the draping skirt and the cropped top. A little peek-a-boo here and there makes it even fun.
    Great job. x

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