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Photo Credit: Max Wanger

Photo Credit: Max Wanger

Tiff is taking a big plunge today in the hair department, and Cait is getting on a train back to London. Its been a helluva week on both continents, and for some reason there will never be enough time to get it all done. Lots of travel post coming up, so look out for those, and until then, packing, unpacking, organizing and over-thinking will rule our lives. Any advice is appreciated.

It’s beyond cool when you get on Design*Sponge and see the home of a buddy’s beyond awesome sista.

I’ve been here for the past few days and I touched EVERYTHING.

How exactly does Vancouver feel about playing every other city except itself?

Another instructor doing extremely cool stuff in London! You know, he used to make accessories for Michael Jackson.

I’m leaving 30 soon and this pretty much sums up the last year.

Been swimsuit hunting this week for an upcoming trip to Greece and I would really like to buy all of these. Please.

Who wants to be the loudest lifter and bender in the studio? Yoga/work out pant love! (RIP) is now Vogue Runway. I’m not over it, but the new website is really easy to use and I have already lost a few hours on the app. Oops.

Career aspirations, basically.

This was really funny.


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