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C / International Tiff Day!

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tiff queen

Today is International Tiff Day, pending approval from international governments. People are celebrating the birthday of Ms Tiffany Tsang all over the world today; in Kenya, London, Canada, and Cambodia. That’s all over the world, so I’m right.

Some of you don’t know Tiffany, but you should, so maybe work on that. Tiff and I have a fun story, and as she pointed out in her birthday post about me, we bonded over a bowl of noodles. She was returning a roll of Hello Kitty duct tape that I had let our friend Emily use, and after a giant bowl of udon, we were all ready full steam into our friendship. We talked about food, fashion, design stuff and travel, and I felt like someone understood my language.


Tiffany has an infectious sense of enthusiasm and extreme passion for details. She is able to find beauty in the strange and has become a wonderful story teller. I love listening to her light up when she finds out about a new weird arty thing, or restaurant or cool person she wants to talk to and it’s so much fun to read what she writes on here. The blog has been a great way to stay connected with one of my favorite ladies while we are worlds apart.


But mostly, she is a loving, kind, intelligent and curious person who I am so lucky to have as a friend and bidness partner. I wouldn’t rather do this with anyone else and I can’t wait for a lifetime of adventures with you.


Happiest of birthdays, Tiff, I love you and we will celebrate properly next week!



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