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Photo Credit: Virginia Rota

This week started out with Tiff wearing sniffles and congestion. Cait missed an amazing trip to Greece due to a pesky fever, and is staring out the window noting how much London is not like Greece. She is very sad to miss Emily’s birthday celebration, but making the best of it by ticking items off the London bucket list and watching Downton Abbey in the rain. She is JUST LIKE Lady Mary.

Hands down my new favourite podcast, thanks Jo!

How pretty is this tattoo studio in London?

My first day in Nairobi had me crumbling under the innate style everyone has here.

I will be stalking this lady at Tent London.

Ryan Adams. Taylor Swift.  And then Father John Misty. Music snobbery x guilty pleasure both sated.

You can watch all the London Fashion Week shows here. They are running live, so you get to see people make funny faces at the weird stuff.

It’s fashion week everywhere.  Have you seen this Instagram?

Viola Davis for President.

How coffee is traded in Kenya!  Because, ya know…I’m on the hunt for some good beans.

And lets close it out with a little bit of Tommy Ton NYFW street style, so we all feel hideous and poor.


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