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I didn’t go to London Fashion week. It’s weird, but I think they forgot to invite me this year because they have just been super busy and forgot. I’m sure they feel really badly about it. There were shows at Central Saint Martins, and still no invite for their favorite slightly-older American student. No matter, I can watch all the shows online, and I don’t have to deal with all those people who are pretending not to be hungry.

I have watched a lot of the shows and have come to the conclusion that London Fashion is just the damn coolest. Designers bring their commercial collections to New York, their fancy business to Paris, their sexy business to Milan and their totally weird and cool as all hell collections to London. I love the strange that makes it to the runway here, and have had a helluva time watching all the shows. Below are some of my favorite shows from London this past week. I want to wear half the clothes to the clurb, and half of them to other people’s nightmares.

Mary Katranzou

I love this lady. I love her crazy pattern use, and the fact that I want to touch abosulely everything that walked on the runway.

Anya Hindmarch

Stick around for the Criqu de Solei at the end. Also, let’s all agree to never wear pants again.


Sort of a modern take on traditional romantic pieces. Nipples everywhere.


Love the geometrics and the “what the hell is that doing there” cutouts. I hadn’t heard much about this designer before, but I’m paying attention now.

Antonio Berardi

A few “ooo I love that” and a few “why is this happening” all in the same collection.

JW Anderson

A lot of people are talking about this show, and I don’t even know if I like it yet, but I want more of it. The thing that sticks out to me in this shows the the power-bitch walk of the models. I love that walk. It looks like there is an ice cream sundae bar off camera and they will eff you up if you stand in their way.


The show opens with models on skate boards, looking like they just crashed the show. The clothes look like I designed them in my 7 year old dreams, and I love them a little. Also, there is a fabulous male model that just threw glitter into the audience, I’m pretty sure shows like this are why fashion matters.

Do you, ya crazies.


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