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humpjump (travel week)

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Good morning! Tiff is running around with lions today and Cait just got back to Phnom Penh. One of us is safari cruising in Kenya, the other is couch cruising and drinking as much coffee as a human body can handle. So basically doing the exact same thing. We are still technically on our week off, but one of us was moving out of London and didn’t have time to prep stuff so is playing catch up in her sweatpants this week. The air conditioning bill is going to be nuts, because I am not giving up on sweatpants. In any case, it’s a week to catch up with people, job stuff, blog stuff, make samples, unpack, start working out again, fix everything I need to and do all those emails. No pressure, should fine. OK more coffee.

Loving this little literary meditation on slow travel.

Oh great, because I needed more fuel for my “I NEED TO GO TO ICELAND” fire.

An Airbnb for food? Yes please!!!!  I’m totally giving the Cambodia one a spin when I’m back in town.

Light and Ink‘s Instagram is so lovely, and she shows off all of her great handmade treasures, including this awesome print.

Katie writes so well on how to travel intuitively.

I am into Nike’s N7 collection, which helps fund programming for Native American and Aboriginal empowerment.

When you travel (or live abroad), it means you’re away from home.  Which means these Instagrams from my home totally help. Thanks Anne!

Have you heard about Kordal? Their knitwear makes me want to move to a colder place (again).

If you’re headed to Oz, make sure you’ve got your Broadsheet. (Thanks Jane!)

I think I am allowed to post this since I was in both cities in the past few weeks.

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