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Photo Credit: Molly Yeh

Photo Credit: Molly Yeh

Happy Wednesday! Cait and Tiff are separated again, but one is in the land of pizza, bagels, and deli food, and the other one needs to sit down and process a bunch of photos. So it’s ok for now. Permanent jet-lag is a thing, and the only remedy is more coffee, and more cowbell. There is something to be said for the hazy, aimless wander through a city, and since New York basically invented crazy eyes, no one will notice.  Meanwhile Tiff has the luxury of only battling one bout of jetlag and will be busy brewing things in Phnom Penh.  Both coffee (now please) and future fun things and so much to come.

Our friends at Tonle have a new collection out and somehow managed to make Cambodia look cozy.

Meanwhile, in seriously cozy Canada, there’s an election looming, and this is hilarious.

This. You are welcome.

After two weeks on the road, I couldn’t wait to get this childhood fave into my belly.

My friend Mary wrote a hilarious piece on how to survive hurricane season on Medium.

Blankets. It’s too hot for them here but I’ll always love ’em. (Thanks Miss Moss for sharing!)

HONY does an amazing job at storytelling and is now covering the refugee crisis in Europe. Amazing work.

We sure do love it when other peeps give their Top Fives.

The Striiike Instagram makes me want a makeover every day.

Times can be tumultuous.  I seriously dug Shoko’s piece on growing up.


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