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I have a weird butt. Not in a bad way, but it’s hard to find jeans that fit my proportions. Tiff and I were talking about it last week, and different brands work really well for different people, for instance Gap jeans always fit her. I can only wear the slouchy ones from The Gap, because my life truly, incredibly hard.

A thing I learned in fashion school is that each fashion company has a standard set of measurements for their sizes, and they are all very different. They are often even different between countries, which is why if you buy Uniqlo in Japan, it might fit differently that the same size you bought in the states, because the standard sizing is different.


After years of searching for good-butt jeans, I found that Madewell has hired butt magicians to create the perfect jean for me specifically. (This may or may not be true, but it feels true.) They use a combination of lycra and denim and somehow it all works out perfectly. So much so that I have sent a few pairs to a friends house in the states to pick up when I am there (thanks Lauren!). I can wear these bad boys for days, because jeans are always better a few days in, and they don’t get all weird saggy in crotchal region, which I hate.

I actually can’t wait to pick them up tonight, it’s like Christmas eve for my tukus. Do you have any brands that work for you? I would love to know.

Images from PopSugar and the Madewell Blog



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