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Cait and Tiff are still separated by 14,194km and an eleven hour time difference.  Also, Cait’s running a marathon through the East Coast while Tiff’s luxuriating in the supreme silence of a city on vacation.  Worlds are a bit different right now but we can’t wait to be back in the same place and pace for more than 72 hours.  In the meantime, the interweb still awaits.

I am so pleased to hear that she got angry about this too.

Lena Dunham’s baby, the LennyLetter, is a go, and it’s lovely.

Giorgio x film students x tiny moving pictures. Yes.

It’s often hard to keep up with the clown show of US politics, but I like this little guide to the Dem Debate.

My biggest surprise umami-filled delicious of the week.

I just destroyed breakfast from here.

Biz ladies! I’d love to learn what it takes to build a vintage empire in Sweden.

Some of my favorite undies are on sale! Go buy them.

These ladies are cycling across the US and telling stories about breakfast with a camera.  I am so inspired.

Oh dang, now I want new workout clothes.


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