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C / take your time

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After being in New York for a matter of hours, I found myself saying things like “I am flat out today” and “It has been non stop this whole time” and “I wish I had more time here to do the things I love.” All that’s fine and totally understandable, but it’s also totally my fault.

A friend of mine posted this piece from medium last week. It’s so easy to talk about how busy we are, yet we are the ones that are in charge of how we use our time. It’s well worth a read.

I can’t blame a big city for this. Yes, there is more todo and see, yes, there are a million people I want to hug (and a few I would like to avoid) but this happens everywhere. Back in Phnom Penh, I feel such an obligation to be social, and end up without the time I need to research and create the way I want to. I haven’t drawn or designed one thing since leaving London, and that’s on me. Now that I am heading back to PP in a few days, I am trying to keep this piece in mind, and not forget that I’m the boss of my time, and it’s totally ok to say “no.”

“Stop complaining about how much of your time is already spoken for and start figuring out a way to get it back.”

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  1. Did I write this…?

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