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Day three back in Phnom Penh and this whole zombie thing is getting kind of fun. Jet lag is generally a cruel wench who I fight with every morning around 4am. I try to pretend she’s not there for a while, but her insistent nagging and threat of bringing up my deepest and darkest fears, gets me out of bed.

This used to start me off in a bad mood, but now I’m kind of into it. It’s rare in this city that I get to be alone with my thoughts and focus. Bizarre hours of the morning are great. It’s still dark outside, this spaz of a city is actually quiet and to my surprise, my brain works really well in that window. Don’t get me wrong, as soon as the sun comes up I am sputtering sentence fragments and falling asleep in my noodles, but the few hours in a quiet house with coffee and The Daily Show playing in the background is my new favorite was to work. I plowed through a few designs that turned out remarkably well, did a bunch of research for a wedding dress I am working on and (mostly) caught up on emails. I think there is something to be said for jet lag genius.

I think it’s also nice being back in a familiar place, unpacking my bags, and cooking my own food. I love a good adventure, but I am a homebody by nature and sometimes I really need to Netflix and chill. Which I know means something else, but for me it means watching 46 episodes of 30 Rock and eating pasta off my belly.

Also, I promise to start posting more content that is less self-centered. The past few weeks are just riddled with thoughts and changes and all the damn feels, so you are getting that emotional dump. Sorries, but you’ll be fine. Pretty stuff and cookies coming next week. caitsig


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