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I’m a big weirdo.  Everyone knows that.  People who are ravenous for the Vogue September issue can be complete weirdos too.  I found myself in conversation digressing about into the topic of transcending the singularity the other day and I thought “oh boy, activate social filter, hun.”  I usually have the X-Files on while I’m toning photos and don’t even get me started on Bigfoot. But it’s Halloweek.  This means that everyone can let their creepy freak flag fly proudly.  And I’m all about the podcasts, so I thought I’d share the creepy things that I’m listening to this week (read: all the time).  If Snap Judgment (you should also listen to their Spooked series) is storytelling with a beat, this is storytelling with a creeeeeeeeeeeeek.

Tanis-and-The-Black-TapesWhen Serial exploded, we were all hooked. And it made the peeps behind the radio waves realize that there was an audience thirsty for serialized story telling.  That’s how the fictional Pacific Northwest Stories happened.  Imagine if Mulder and Scully procreated with Ira Glass.  That’s what the kids in this creepyville have strung together for us.  I found myself downloading every single episode of The Black Tapes while I was en route to Kenya. Imagine Sarah Koenig chasing down the paranormal.  Then immediately after followed Tanis, and I’m gobbling down every mysterious episode.

the-message,-lore-and-limetownThere’s more.  See how creepy I am?  But I’m glad there are others out there like me.  I got hooked on Limetown from Jo.  If you like HBO’s The Leftovers, then you’ll want to follow this podcast. Imagine the inhabitants of an entire town, a gated community at that, who disappear.  I’ll stop there.  Among the other creepies come the extraterrestrial in the form of sound.  That’s what Panoply’s The Message is all about.  And finally, if you’re really interested in getting into the underbelly of the real world, there’s Lore.  By far, this one creeps me out the most.  Each story is true.  And the melody, the sound, the colour, it all gets under your skin.  Listener beware.

You can get all of these guys on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you get your goodies. End of creepy.


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