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Artwork Credit: Gabriel von Max

Artwork Credit: Gabriel von Max

Good morning, internet. It’s sort of a cloudy, muggy day here in Phnom Penh, and the thought of coffee and movies on the couch is enticing. Alas, there is stuff to be done. Good news is, it’s mostly fun stuff today, and Tiff and Cait are off to be prettied up for a photo shoot this afternoon and pretty jazzed about a little pampering. We are both sort of re-settling in this city after lots of travel, and digging into the cool stuff this place has to offer. Tiff has been bopping around town and snapping some of the prettiest photos of the community here. Cait is in a constant state of cleaning and purging, while trying to get a sample collection made as well. Business as usual. We are also excited for the event at Deco tomorrow night! Our most awesome bartender, John, is teaming up with the restaurant to host a happy hour filled with delicious cocktails and nibbles. We love cocktails and nibbles. Join us! 

Are the Planned Parenthood protests getting to you and you need some girl power? Watch Supergirl. Stat.

It’s easy to dismiss tough times through the “everything happens for a reason” excuse. But I like this point of view.

Terry Gross is the voice behind NPR’s Fresh Air and she’s just so good at getting people’s stories. This is how she does it. 

In case you needed another reason to love Jon Stewart, he and his wife, Tracy, are starting an animal sanctuary.

Golly I wish I could have been at Kendrick’s mash up with the National Symphony Orchestra.

For someone who spends a lot of time over-analyzing her writing, I loved reading this.

“If Wes Anderson had a travel blog,” describes some.  But it’s so much more. 

Awww yeah, REI, way to pave the way and not participate in the worst day ever.

Canucks do sustainable fashion too! And here they are profiling our pals, Tonlé!

Vote for these dogs. It’s the most important vote you will cast this year or any other.


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