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Photo Credit: Todd Selby

Photo Credit: Todd Selby

I got to shoot some video this weekend!  It featured some very heavy weighted barbells crashing to the ground and some one else’s camera (because my own is currently having some adolescent mood swings), so that was terrifying.  And it was my first time since I was sixteen and I thought I could be the next Paul Thomas Anderson.  And this all got me back into the name of visual storytelling.

Ever since I started blogging (back in my whee days of 2011 when I did most of it at a school library), I’ve had my eye on Todd Selby, otherwise known as The Selby.  His playfulness with his subjects, the way he gets all up in their spaces in the best way possible, and how he documents they daily lives of the creative class are so inspirational.  I could spend hours just going through each one of his stories.  And I did. Much to the chagrin of my grad school dissertation.  And then The Selby started shooting video. Which knocked me off my rocker.

So if you’ve got ten minutes to spare, check out his own little dissertation on organic dyer, Audrey Louise Reynolds.  She takes you through the whole gamut of organic dying and this is something that Cait and I will be experimenting with in weeks to come.  When we get through the other list of things we want to blog about. Enjoy!

Audrey Louise Reynolds, A Fashionable Selby Film from the selby on Vimeo.


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