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Photo Credit: Loulou D'Azi

Photo Credit: Loulou D’Azi

Everything Tiff is baking is green this week, and Cait got to eat it last night. Does green cake count as a veggie? I think so. There isn’t enough coffee in this muggy, sweaty city to wake Cait up this morning, and sitting in a dark, cave apartment in sweats and dorky butter socks probably isn’t helping. It’s been a week of strategy and re-shuffling, as usual. It feels like we always write the same thing here, because we are constantly planning and figuring stuff out, which is probably a good thing. Cait has to pack for a little adventure this weekend and Tiff has to make more treats with magic green powder in it. Have a great week!

I thought this was a joke at first.  It wasn’t.  And of course it’s controversial because society.  #science #future #happening

Have you seen Simone Biles? The US gymnast who basically flies? Watch.

Remember I’m a big weirdo, so I would absolutely stay at all of these.

So we all know it’s INSANE that tampons are listed as a “luxury” item. I know my period is luxurious. These ladies respond in the best way.

I dig me some Sloane Crosley. And it’s even better now that she’s two people!

I am jonesing for an office right now, and I like the C&C take on why having one matters.

Last week Cait talked about le purge.  This week, NBC is turning it into a sitcom.

These are so pretty. Shiny.

These guys know how to go gastronomic on the road, in the middle of nowhere.

What could make the new Adele video better? David Attenborough.




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