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Best Artwork to Start Your Day Credit: Labish

  • because see above GIF
  • because it’s probably not, but I believe Andy Samberg is the first person you see in this music video
  • because it’s not quite but mostly The Arcade Fire
  • because Emma Stone
  • because Emma Stone’s lipstick
  • because that white dress just flows so well
  • because everyone’s day should start and/or end like the one in this video
  • because everyone fantasizes about having a choreographed dance sequence throughout their day
  • because that beat
  • because sailors
  • because Tiff found this video last Thursday, immediately wrote this post, and has since watched it 1 bajillion times since then
  • because right after watching this the third time, Tiff thought about how her Monday 630am Crossfit class should break out into a choreographed dance sequence.




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