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One of the things that freelancers talk about a lot is the importance of having a routine. I totally agree, and I totally don’t have one. I’m working on it, but life is sort of all over the place for me, and I have a hard time pegging one down. The things I have down so far are: drink coffee, eat food, do internet things, think about snacks, eat snacks, see friends, fashion things, blog stuff, watch puppy piles on YouTube, other things. There it is, I am a master of organization and productivity.

When I have a steady routine, I feel better. It probably has something to do with the anxiety stuff, but small repetitive things change how I feel and balance me out for the day. If I make it through the list of things that I feel like I “should” be doing, I feel like I have already accomplished something. London was great for my routine; I had to be clean and presentable to go to school (fashion school so judgy) and I had homework and stuff like that to get done. I have to set my own schedule here, and too much flexibility is a bad thing for me.

But it is important, and there are many people out there who sincerely look like they have their shiz together on the internet. Some of them are dirty liars, but some of them are not. Looking at what the pros are doing is really helpful, so I found a few routines from people in the blog/fashion world that I admire. It’s everything from morning, get-up-and-go stuff, to why having smelly candles helps, and how to unwind before bed. We will all have zen, photogenic lives in no time.

Because Garance is one of my favorite people out there right now, I am basically going to do everything she does and then we will be the same.

Emily has been in the game for a while, and though it probably helps that fancy companies send her fancy things, her skin looks awesome because of her routine.

I like Joy’s pretty watercolors, and that her make up routine works for hot climates.

Caroline, from Cup of Jo, has a silly, easy attitude about her day. That and great genes.

Kate talks about the 12 products she can’t live without. Shit, now I have to go buy 12 new things, damn you marketing.

Victoria talks about the power of smell to change a space.

The ladies at New Potato enlisted Dr. Holly Philips to tell everyone how to chill out before bed and get better sleep.

Hope that helps, if anything, you just did something productive by reading these links. You are such a good person.



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