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Art Credit: Geoff McFetridge

Art Credit: Geoff McFetridge

Good morning, internet. It’s a nice little morning here in Phnom Penh. The sun is shining, boats are passing in the river, and one of us is on coffee number 2 and full of hope this morning, probably due to the coffee. We have a few fun things in our pockets this week, including a pop-up shop with one of our favorites this weekend. More on that soon. Tiff has been juggling a number of different projects, snapping photos all over the place, and is still making an awesome amount of green deserts (because stress baking is the best). Cait is all strategy right now, and starting on a few big projects, involving piles and piles of fabric and pencil-stained hands. Have a great week!

This morning’s soundtrack is Pop Culture Happy Hour, from NPR. Specifically the Brooklyn 99 episode.

Adult colouring books are absolutely a thing I need.

I hope they use the mean jokes about Trump next time. I love you SNL, but I just can’t with that dude.

Yes this is a thing.  And I absolutely miss it.

This article on the future of Japanese fashion, is as interesting and classy as the magazine that brings it to us.

I can’t get enough of this song. Such a throw back to the 90s, and with a very millennial message.

Still have a crush on my president.

What a cool photo essay on the families behind the pubs of East London.

I kind of dig these super bright eyes. My inner 15 year old is excited to make my eye shadow match my tank top.

There are so many events this weekend in Phnom Penh!  Alchemy Design Co. is launching their new showroom, Tonlé has a new line and some delicious brew from our coffee Yoda, and Jane is coming to Phnom Penh (details soon)!  See you all there?


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