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Mama Heang’s Cookies



Not many people come to Phnom Penh for the cookies, but that’s about to change. Mama Heang’s Cookies has officially opened for business, and the dark days of Phnom Penh cookie deprivation are over.

Cait has known Heang for years, and has been lucky enough to enjoy these cookies regularly. Friends constantly request these delicious, chewy, buttery, little flavor bombs, and sometimes Cait isn’t allowed to show up to parties without them. The cookies have been used to barter for favors more than once, and fair warning, they are highly addictive. prep


All good things start with butter, and these are really good. There is nothing diet-friendly in here, and no one is sorry. They do come in two sizes, so if you need just a few bites of heaven, get the smaller size. If you had a bad day, an especially good day, or you did something that counts as exercise, go for the big ones, you deserve it.

Because the business is just taking off, there are three types of cookies offered, for now:

  • Chocolate Chip
  • Chocolate Chip + Walnut
  • Walnut + Almond

Small size: $1 per cookie 

Large size: $1.5o per cookie

The minimum order is ten cookies (don’t worry, they freeze well), and Heang will deliver them to your home or office. Orders for cookies need to be placed at least 24 hours in advance, by calling Heang at 092 958 395. Delivery is $1.




Mama Heang’s Facebook page just went live, and it would serve you well to “like” and follow along. She will be posting photos, new cookies flavors, and holiday specials. After all, cookie news is the most important news.


All photos by Tiffany Tsang. Do not lick your computer screen, that’s gross.


7 thoughts on “Mama Heang’s Cookies

  1. Note to self: order 10 large cookies while in PP. Because how often do you get to read a delicious article about mouth-watering cookies in a distant part of the world, and you actually happen to be going to said distant part of the world in a couple of weeks!!!!

  2. After extensive testing and a brief stint in cookie rehab I feel these delicious cookies should come with a stern warning “Do not eat all 10 within 10 minutes as that might be detrimental to your well-being and basic bodily functions”. In fact, they are so yummy, you will never be able to eat other cookies again without remembering Heng’s delicious treats and suffer many an awkward moment as you try to explain to your friends that the best cookies are actually in Cambodia not in your local, artisan, organic, gluten free, PETA approved coffee laboratory.

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