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Artwork Credit: Yukai Du (Tiff's obsessed with her work this weeK0

Artwork Credit: Yukai Du (Tiff’s obsessed with her work this weeK0

Timelines are good. Maybe it’s the light at the end of the tunnel feeling, or the organizational high, but setting dates and goals has a fantastic calming effect. Tiff even made one this morning for her hipster acceptance scale. Cait is making them basically every day for a fashion project now, and it helps SO much. So this week is about goals for us, lots of re-professionalizing (is that a word?),  and the start of a couples of fun projects on both sides. Enjoy your week!

How cool does this sound?

Everyone is getting the flu!  So of course, there are gallons of bone broth happening in my kitchen. And here’s why and here’s how.

Doing a little research on repurposing Kimonos and found this. SO mad I missed it.

Speaking of Japan, I really want to go here. (Thanks for the rec, Shoko!) is now making apparel! I loves it.

My pro-lady-crush does an interview. I do a little dance.

Shoppe is home to so many beautiful textures and colors and I want to touch all of it. Maybe she wants to import Cambodian stuff?

Miranda July interviews Rihanna over cocktails.  Uncommon and understated BFFs immediately.

I can’t understand why I am not wearing all of this. It’s probably the money and the living in Asia thing.

In college, I was all about these guys (pre-med major).  A decade later, I’ve decided to go a little more sophisticated on that racket. And while I’m on my high horse, maybe these bags should cover the neglected ones too.



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