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T / playing with light and white

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Product Photography Header-ImageI’m saying yes to pretty much everything these days.  And it’s not a begrudging yes.  It’s a wholehearted, I’m excited like Molly Shannon Superstar jazz hands kind of yes.  A few moments later, the realization that I’ve never done anything like that before sets in.  Perhaps a smidge of panic as well.  But thanks to the community of creatives here, I’m pocketing a new skill.  So when my workout pal Supei asked me to help out with shooting some gorgeous Cambodia-produced pretty things for her Nomi Network, I was in.  I just had to figure out how to build a lightbox.

A lightbox is pretty much the backbone of product photography.  Especially in this age of ecommerce.  A professional lightbox can be pricey.  Professional lighting, bright bulbs. That whole thing. In Cambodia, I’m not going to even bother looking for one.  But like I said, I have a couple of friends here (whom I’ve recently dubbed my design temple).  And Corbett even had a portable lightbox on hand.


I even live in the perfect house for a project like this.  Hello 360 degrees of natural light.

Product-Photography---The-Set-UpProduct-Photography---A-First-TryBut when it came to the bigger products I was shooting, I’d need to make a lightbox.  Jane said all I would need is a cardboard box and some translucent white paper.  And the ladies over here offered some great tips.

Product-Photography---Build-Your-Own-LightboxI’m obviously still practicing.  Still playing with light, bending it to my will and trying to get rid of those pesky shadows.  So I’m pretty much shooting everything. Including these scary spice chilis I had lying around.08---Chilis

I can’t wait to share with you the final shots when these go live on the Nomi Network.  Plus I’m looking forward to getting a little better at this.


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