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I’ve never thought about Toronto in this light. Perhaps because I’m Canadian and nothing is ever better than it is below the 49th.  I know we’re a creative people (hello everyone that’s funny – drop mic). Maybe because it’s home and you don’t think of home that way.  Perhaps it’s because it feels as if Toronto seems like a producer of talent. Not the type of place that talent stays. We’re a small town compared to the metropolises of the world.  Especially now that I live in Asia. But Free Agency and their Creator Class changed all that for me this past week.  I’ve never seen my hometown in a better light. Especially from abroad.

In any case, a little local pride today. And it made miss home in a big way.

PS – The Creator Class is a great resource for photographers looking to up their game.  I’ve taken a bunch of online courses, but these guys make learning about aperture beyond pretty.


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