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Photo Credit: Adele August

The days before Thanksgiving are some of my favorite days, because it feels like the wind up to the holiday season. Living in Asia, we don’t have tinsel and pumpkin-spice-flavored-everything shoved in our faces since August, so it actually is really fun to get in the mood. Little things like making hot chocolate (and turning up the air conditioning) and watching Elf help us with the illusion of coziness. Tiff has been hosting friends from out of town and brushing up on her super human hosting skills. She’s even making stuffing waffles today. STUFFING WAFFLES. Cait is in design mode and has decorated her house with meters of fabric and colored pencil shavings. She will be taking a break today to focus on mashed potatoes. Happy Thanksgiving week!

Because gift-giving season has apparently already started, here are a few great American retailers making great stuff.

Just in case you were wondering – the lowdown on Canadian Thanksgiving vs. American Thanksgiving.

Finally, justification for my sweatpants. I mean “leisure track suit.”

A treatise on what should probably be an acceptable outfit for the Thanksgiving table.

How awesome is this blanket? “Luke, I am your father. Let’s snuggle.”

Jessica FREAKING Jones!  All ready for your non-food binging.

Alternatively, I could just chill out here.

Listening to the Land Down Under” YouTube mix this morning, and it’s really, really good.

I am into this knotted dress, it’s a simple way to make a basic dress a little more interesting.

Not Thanksgiving related: I’m keeping all of these words in my pocket for the low days.


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