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Photo Credit: Tony Trujillo

Photo Credit: Tony Trujillo

When he’s in town, I often find myself sharing a morning coffee with my pal Rory, who travels the world helping to run Skateistan.  Skateboards meets education, mixed in with girl power and all in some of the world’s poorest neighbourhoods, from its roots in Afghanistan and now to Cambodia and South Africa.  I can definitely get behind an organization that coalesces sport, development with a little bit of punk subversion.

Another organization taking on skateboards, half pipes and social good within the confines of North America is Stronghold Society down in the South Dakotan corridor of the midwest.  Working with at-risk Lakota and non-native youth by fusing spirituality with mental and physical development, the organization has made waves in the great plains of the US.  And even better, they have this little gorgeous doco to show off their work.   The cherry on top? It features a new tune from the sumptuous Cat Power.  Good music, gorgeous places, good people.  Happy Monday.

Skateboarding in Pine Ridge – Levi’s Skateboarding from Farm League on Vimeo.


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