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Photo Credit: Lara Gilberto Styling

Photo Credit: Lara Gilberto Styling

It’s one of those mornings to listen to Michael Bublé’s Christmas album and drink coffee till you should really, really stop. It’s December, no one is ready for it and we are doing our best over here to pretend it feels like the holidays. I am looking at a plastic Christmas tree in the living room right now, decorated with crappy ornaments made in China, a hand print ornament from one of my favorite little people, and a plastic Gandalf toy that I jimmy-rigged into the angel tree-topper. It’s a classy freaking tree. Anyway, Tiff is doing actual productive things this week and taking lots of family portraits and product shots. Cait is still working on collection designs, shopping for fabric and digging around for cool companies who don’t know that they want to hire her yet. We hope you are easing into the holidays, or at the very least, enjoying the cookies. Our Gift Guides start today, so check back later today for the scoop on great goodies for the holidays.

Everything that goes on behind one of the mother food blogs.  Thanks for sharing Becky!

Lots of people, including us, are doing gift guides this year. I really like this cute BFF guide from DLF

Now your travel can come with artists!  Yes to this.

Nice work, Zuckerbergs. I am not always a fan, but this is a great move.

James Hamblin uncovers juice cleanses, but does not tell us how he manages to keep his 37 year old self looking 19.

Get it? Get it? Because meow + out? Hahahahhaha.

Pixar, all of their shorts, rank and file.  Not safe for productivity.

The 50 greatest albums of the year, according to RollingStone.

Love it when we get the stories and people behind the cloth (or knit in this case).

Netflix made a nice calendar of all the movies they have streaming for the holidays. Tomorrow has a movie with JTT in it and if you don’t know who JTT is, learn about it. This is important stuff, people.



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