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I have a crush on Anine Bing, and I didn’t even know who she was until yesterday. It’s a new relationship, I am still feeling things out, but I think this one is going to stick.

Tiff sent me this email yesterday:

i can see you being interviewed in the new potato because i just checked their website, saw this and i was like “oh that’s caitlin”

First off, lets take a step back and talk about how great it is to have a friend that knows me so well. Tiff has a great eye on her own, and the fact that she knows my eye, is so, so lovely.
Anine Bing was a model, singer and blogger before launching her brand in 2012. She and her cheek bones live in LA with her family, who are probably also gorgeous angel humans. I like her stuff a lot, and actually just spent 10 minutes on her site trying to find something I don’t like. I was unsuccessful. She makes pieces that are basic, but interesting, and she doesn’t follow trends. She adds a new look every week, making the collection less about an “of the moment” piece, and more about the the quality and longevity of each item. I’m into it, and I can’t wait till we are best friends and wear leather leggings and distressed t-shirts and drink lattes together.
So thank you, Tiff, for knowing me so well that you know who I want to stalk before I do.
All photos from Anine Bing

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