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Photo Credit: Pedro Martinelli

Even though we’re in a Buddhist country, somehow the the crazy busies of the holiday season managed to creep over waters and borders.  This means that 6am wake up calls extended into my weekend, which was spent both at work and at play. On Saturday, my man and I had an epic little double date of a day trip with our pals Ammar and Elise.  On a pair of heavy duty Hondas, we drove out to the Cambodian countryside (because as we all know, Cambodia is only twenty minutes outside of Phnom Penh) and took a deep breath of fresh air, rice paddies and hidden temples.  Ammar inaugurated his GoPro and captured it all .  And today, I’m going to sit at home with a plate of Cait’s cookies, nurse this cold that finally wormed its way around Phnom Penh to me, and do all of the work on my computer and my new farm-bench dining table.

And that is how we hit the holiday reset button in Cambodia.


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