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Happy Wednesday, everyone. It’s a helluva week and we are trying to keep in mind that answering every question with “BUSY, I’M SO BUSY” is tedious. We both have a few projects going right now, and that + holiday rush + unrelenting heat = crazy C+T. Tiff has been fighting a cold and still working her butt off on Course Era classes and photo editing like a beast. If beasts did photo editing. Cait is elbow deep in fabric, working on a big piece for this weekend (more on that soon) and doing her best impression of a fashion designer. By that, of course, we mean wearing all black and maybe not showering as much as she should. Have a great week!

In a perfect world, I would have a pint of this in my hand in a couple of weeks.

John Stewart was back on The Daily Show, and I am still completely in love with him.

When dining, be that person, but like a pro.

Uh oh, looks like I have to go back to Paris for my holiday shopping.

Behind the fading icon of Phnom Penh that I pass by every week.

Gorgeous bathroom that I would seriously consider living in.

This is how and where I would like to get out of town.

The most comfortable tank in the world is on sale! It’s a Christmas miracle.

People have been coming and going lately and these words from Katie really lifted me up.

What a pretty little video from the people at Maiyet.



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