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C / show piece

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So I mentioned on Friday that I had been making outfits for Laura Mam, a singer in Phnom Penh. Her concert was on Saturday night, and she knocked it out of the park. She’s my friend, so I was already rooting for her, but it is monumentally cool to see one of your favorite people just kill it.

She was a pro as she took the stage, even though the screams of “Laura, Laura, Laura” shook the area and almost brought a few of us to tears. I’m getting all emotional, but honestly, it was emotional. It was a damn privilege to have her wear my stuff, and it was surreal to have 40,000 people look at something I made. I mean really, they were looking at her, but she was wear the shirt I made! And the skirt! And then that other skirt! It was so much fun. I’m really happy.

I don’t have all the photos from the concert, and just a few grainy cell phone shots from backstage, but will show off more when I get them.



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