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C+T/ Gift Guide 2015/ wearables

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It’s the final installment of our gift guide for this year, and we are rounding it out with things we want to wear. In case you missed our gift guides from the last few weeks, check them out here. We love putting them together, and hope that they were helpful with your shopping this year!


It’s fun putting together the wearable guide. I always end up putting in a bunch of aspiration items, like those mittens. I love them, and yet, I live in Phnom Penh, where mittens would be best used as hot pads. That cozy shirt from The Reed? In my dreams. And the Pendleton/Ugg shoes will snuggle my feet for approximately four days. Four glorious, cozy days. To be fair, I already bought the ice cream sweatshirt for myself, because I didn’t want to ask for it, but I think everyone should know what I really care about. Everything else, including the beautiful rings from our friend Jane Heng, can be worn anywhere, year round.


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Similarly, I’m all about the hygge this year. And I just got word that westerly waters are getting churned up, so this only means we’ll be getting cooler temperatures in Phnom Penh very soon!  This means I can get out my homey sweats from Roots. There is no better outfit than my definition of the Canadian tuxedo. Pair Cait’s cozy sweats with a pair of these, wool camping socks and my beloved Birkenstocks and we’re set to go for cozy.  I love giving these as gifts when friends move to cooler climes.  And for the friends who are often found in flight? A sweater cape of course.  Who can say no to a wearable blanket that also looks a bit classy?  This year’s biggest surprise find were Stewart & Claire’s booze flavoured lip balms. Their version in Negroni was so popular they’re sold out!


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