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C / greetings from the desert

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Hi, I’m in the desert. Being in Tucson for the holidays has some perks, notably that it is colder in this part of the US that it is in the part that is supposed to be cold. There is even rumor of snow on Christmas, which is something I have never seen.

I am talking about the weather because my brain has been turned off for a few days and no longer have the capacity to create “content.” The trip home has consisted mostly of rotating my different sweatpants options and not showering enough. I was going to hike every day and drink juice a lot, but I will start that tomorrow. I absolutely will.

Because my brain is on vacation, or potentially lost in baggage claim, you guys get videos of things I think are funny.  I’m going to raid my parents’ fridge, because that is what 32 year old grown ups do. The End.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Fey/Poehler for presidents.

Chris Pratt then or now? I choose all Chris Pratt.

Skip to 5:25, it’s very very worth it.

I live for Jim Halpert in that dress, and also for Anna Kendrick rapping.



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