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2015 wrap up

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C+T year in review gridWhat a year it has been. Between the two of us we have been to more countries than our fingers and toes will allow. We have both grown, changed, and eaten a lot. We have settled into new careers, and the fun new directions we seem to be going. Next year will be filled with even more change, so we are taking a break for the next week to reflect and be lazy before the storm of 2016 hits.

But we wouldn’t leave you without a few things to spend your internet-time on, during the final days of “Winter Break.” We have gone through the last year and pulled together some of our favorite moments from 2015 that we’ll be sharing with you this week!

Happy lazy time!!!

Guest posts:

Alissa in Milan

Lin in Portland

Alissa in Japan

Alissa’s Bucket List

Hong Kong with Lin

Minneapolis with Kiira and Alissa

Jen’s Minimal Photo Travel Tools


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