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C / hey 2016

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So it’s 2016, and that’s fun. After a ten hour flight delay in San Francisco, I eeked into Portland just before midnight. I spent the night with some of my most favorite people in the world, crammed into a booth at a dive bar on Alberta. There were cocktails on tap, which is either the best or worst idea of the century, and I am pretty sure I ate Frito pie. Have you guys had Frito pie? Do you have any idea how delicious that stuff is? Take that, New Years resolutions.

I get back to Phnom Penh in a few days and am enjoying my last bits of America and family. I am looking forward to the plane ride back for some year planning. Not exactly resolutions, because I don’t have time for that kind of disappointment, but just some time at 30,000 feet to think about what I want from this year. That, and feverishly watch every rom-com the airline has to offer.

I hope you all have had a wonderful New Year, and are kind to yourselves this month. Get out and get yours, get fit, do what ever you need to do, but please remember, cleanses aren’t real, and Frito pie only kills you slowly. Here’s the recipe.


As usual, A Well Traveled Woman has the best photos.



One thought on “C / hey 2016

  1. Oh, but cleanses ARE real!!! And, Frito Pie sounds great in February! Safe travels…

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