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Photo Credit: Calsidyrose' Flickr

Photo Credit: Calsidyrose’ Flickr

We are still on two continents, but that will be coming to an end soon when Cait returns next week. Tiff is working on being more productive these days and Cait is working on finishing all those tacos. Sliding easily into 2016, probably because it still feels like the holidays, and probably because one of us need to change out of sweats. The real work will begin next week for us both, so let’s all delay the inevitable until then. Happy first week of school, and may you all get surprise snow days.

I’m so in love with Kate’s new kitchen.

Sweetest note to start the year.

This interpretation of a Phoenix hit, and the accompanying visuals…just so gosh darn cinematic and dreamy.

Feeling motivated? Let’s see how motivated you are after 30 kale salads on Goop‘s New Year detox.

I just love getting in to the closets and morning modes of creative and stylish ladies.

President crush alert.

The Star Wars love has not ended in this house. These flags!!!

In fact, it’s not over in both camps. Here are a few fashion lessons from the biggest nerd-gasm of the year.

I could live on Sight Unseen forever.

Trying to take better care of my skin this year and doing my best to follow this advice.



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