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C / a show


shows.jpgI am putting on a fashion show in a few weeks for my designs. I have been hinting at it the past month, but haven’t announced it properly in fear that it will blow up in my face. It’s like dealing with Voldemort, but it’s a fashion show, I’m not a wizard, and the dementors are just my own throbbing insecurities. I miss Alan Rickman.

Anyway, there will be a show. I have roped in 17 of my friends to be my models and wear my pieces. I have put a lot into it, it is deeply personal and I am thrilled and sweaty-nervous. Been listening to a lot of Brené Brown and her thoughts on vulnerability and how to turn that in to strength. Let me tell you, I am going to be so strong when this is over.

When I was being dramatic the other day, I described the show like this:

“I’m dressing my friends in my favorite dreams, and then inviting the world to come and read my diary.”

The important thing is, I’m staying calm. (Scoffs.) Anxiety is an unkind, oppressive bitch, but I am actually doing my best to not be nuts by keeping a sane work schedule, sleeping normal hours and working out. It’s been a blast putting together these pretty things for my friends, and I am most excited to see them all strut their sexiness on the runway.

When I get the details set, I will let everyone know. Until then, I will dive back into my design cave and get shit done.

Photo via Battle of Versailles 



3 thoughts on “C / a show

  1. “I’m dressing my friends in my favorite dreams, and then inviting the world to come and read my diary.” – Love this quote. Reading aloud one’s diary must be the best type of exhilarating terror; after all, those words might beckon a Patronus to bless your show.

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