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Artwork Credit: David Bonazzi

Artwork Credit: David Bonazzi

Good morning. Tiff is off to Vietnam today while Cait remains hidden under a pile of fabric. We are both in total get-shit-done mode and have been planning days by the minute. It will be nice when things chill out a bit (hopefully) next week. Hope you all are having a great week.

Wanna lose 10 minutes? Here are all the looks from the Critic’s Choice Awards. Sort of loving the dark side of Rachael McAdams.

Chinese New Year is near!  I have to be cooking all of this.

Best gym bag of all time.

Still listening to Bowie and all the people he inspired, like this dude from Brazil.

Have you seen this? It’s the only thing to pull me away from the Making a Murderer binge.

These Cambodia portraits just blow me away.

Eh. I wanna do this but I don’t want to let go of 3k. Le problems.

Still pondering what it means to be an adult.

In honor of Chinese New Year, I give you the history of Peking Duck. Well, Eater does.

I’m heading here for 36 hours right now!

Also, thank you all so much for the crazy love fest yesterday. I got so many sweet notes for people all around the world in support of the show. You make it easier and I love you.


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