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Photo Credit: @mr.jobeezy

Photo Credit: @mr.jobeezy

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting this week out with some adventure.  Namely an 8am speedboat called the Superdong and what felt like gale force winds that were probably more akin to kite flying weather.  But by 1pm, I was back in Phnom Penh with my land legs, and ready to make happy with the keyboard again.

For those of you guys landlocked, I wanted to share one of those things I love that make me so weird.  Being able to visit hidden worlds above and below you are exactly what I would relish as a staycation.  In high school, the older kids that I trailed around like a lapdog would go “infiltrating” on the weekends. Of course, I was too wimpy to join them, nor do I think they’d actually invite 15 year old me, but the thought was exciting.  Hopping over third rails, slipping through little tunnels to find the ancient, hidden, derelict subway stations of Toronto.  Entirely new communities below austere corporate structures beneath the Big Smoke.

I know. It’s the makings of many a horror movie.  But it’s a real thing.  The cool kids call it urbex.  As in urban exploration. And the guys behind Seeker Stories went and told it. They specialize in the arresting and unexpected.  The underground some could say.  So in the spirit of being bolder (like shooting video this week), happy Monday!

PS – My favourite urbex instagrammers, @asayf and @kostenn.


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