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Artwork Credit: Masako Kubo

Artwork Credit: Masako Kubo

Good morning! Awww yeah, it’s going to be a good one here. Graceland is playing loudly in this house, it’s cool-ish outside, and Cait’s parents arrive in Phnom Penh TODAY!! There is a lot of happy going on right now… and a lot of cleaning. Tiff is busy working on a few cool small projects and one bigger secret one that you will find out about in a few months. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

JK Rowling for President?

Finally, someone writes about the upholstery vs. clothing debacle.

I wish I had this sweet LA coffee guide a month ago. Guess I will have to go back.

Because Barbie eventually needed a pantsuit.

Really into all of these unconventional shapes. 

Exactly what I need to re-inspire my work wardrobe. Thank you Claire!

I want a dog. And this couch.

This couple makes my favourite architectural concept liveable.

I’m all for making Mondays more fun. 

New fave food blog. Just in time for Chinese New Year.


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