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C / the legitimizer

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When I was in London over the summer, my wardrobe was pretty bleak. I know that sounds absurd, because I was in school for that stuff, but I had packed for what-it-looks-like-in-the-movies-London. To me, that meant nuclear winter. I didn’t have a lot to choose from, seeing how I was coming from a country where the average temperature is between 85 and holy hell, but I brought all things that I thought Maggie Smith would wear in the winter, and this suit.

Fun fact, London had the hottest, and longest summer on record in 2015! Thanks for ruining my wardrobe, global warming. You suck. Because I wasn’t getting paid for fashion school, and I was hot a lot of the time, I needed to pick up a few cheap things. My tight budget kept me in the high street shops and in clothes I didn’t love, which was honestly fine for school. (Central Saint Martins is remarkably laid back and not judgy for a school that is so damn awesome.)

Bur for times when I needed to step up my game a bit, I had my suit. When I needed to meet someone important, I wore the suit. When I wanted to look like I belonged at the Tate Modern, I wore the suit. And honestly, when I needed a kick in the confidence, I wore the suit. Having a great suit is a game changer/secret weapon/comfort object. It’s my legitimizer and makes me feel like I can at least appear cool in most public settings. Until the inevitable misplaced dick joke, cheese on my face, or spilled drink, obviously.


In case you hadn’t guessed, the suit is from Colorblind, that cool company that we just did the interview with today. It was breezy enough for the hot days and snuggly enough for the chilly nights. Learn about it, and then get in line for the most useful piece of your new closet.



cait loves modeling


All photos by Tiffany Tsang. Please request permission for use.

All awkward modeling by Caitlin Decker. Shut up.



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  1. This is hilarious and amazing ! Love the fly suit !

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