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T / happy monday / it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a site!

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tiff-portfolio-launchI received the best branding advice in the wee hours of Saturday morning over a shot of tequila (I think?) on the patio of a Japanese whiskey bar in Phnom Penh.  For the better part of an hour, I accidentally took over a gentlemen’s hour and got two of my favourite, smartest, people, communications and branding scions debate about my portfolio website.  The crux of the convo was am I many, or am I one?  And this was the ultimate question I was struggling with for my portfolio website.  I do many things. Do I segregate them and somehow run parallel businesses, or should I showcase everything?  The great answer is that I could do both.

In the battle of web-hosting platforms, Format was victorious. The simple design, braintrust approval, and user friendly interface won me over.  So many questions were answered.  And in the struggle against fear, ego and all the self doubt that accompanies starting a small business, I wound up buying my first domain (thank you, Hover!).  Seeing the evolution of my work over the past couple of years also nudged the confidence meter upwards.  These photos and stories are the ones I’m seriously most proud of.

So I’m really happy (with knees still trembling and anxiety levels tipping) to share my portfolio with you today.  It’s still in its infancy (dare I say fetal?), so you’ll have to be patient with some of the changing content and other things that I will feel will never be quite right. But here it is.  Okay. Done. Stop hyperventilating. Press publish.

Oh, and in the spirit of being a hyphenate, I thought I’d leave you with an appropriate song to start the week with. This one has been on repeat since 2015.

PS – my site went down about a few hours later…so fingers crossed!


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