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The best possible thing you can do in a week with a million things to do, is to put all those things off and look at pretty stuff on the internet. Must write book on productivity. The gasoline to my fire of procrastination today is Rosie Assouline.

She has been around for a few years, with experience working with Oscar de la Renta and Lanvin. Now she is doing her own thing and using color and shape in some of the most wonderful ways.

Leandra Medine, from Manrepeller, did an interview with Rosie and said the most wonderful thing when talking about the message of the collection:

There is this sense of an appreciation for fashion that doesn’t minimize intellect.

I love this line, because I think about my relationship with fashion a lot. I worry that because I am focusing on beautiful, fun things, the director of the Public Health program at NYU is going to show up at my door, slap me in the face and take back my Master’s degree. I do not want to be slapped by Sally Guttmacher. No one does.

I think it’s so important to stay connected to the world and things that matter most and not lose my mind over trivial stuff. I never want to be one of those a-holes who scream at tailors over a hemline. (I would only scream at tailors over necklines. JOKES)

In any case, I was talking about Rosie. The pieces in her collection are modern and cool and fun, but not so young that I would feel like I need to go to a rave to wear it. Which is good news, because this girl doesn’t go to raves. I love that many of the pieces are perfectly wearable while still remaining interesting, and in the same season, she brings this completely dreamy and impractical element to the clothes.


Like look at this thing. Nice shape, bright, fun color, and then there is a tank top underneath? And its sort of fluffed out like that? Genius. I wish I could have worn it to prom. Or today, while I am running errands and then I could be the princess of errands. That would be awesome. OK, enough of this, here is the pretty stuff.






All photos from Rosie AssoulineĀ 




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