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Artwork Credit: Alfonso Bialetti, 1933

Artwork Credit: Alfonso Bialetti, 1933

Tiff is shooting teddy bears (which sounds really evil but in reality is just adorable), making fashion show mixtapes and building sites this week! Cait is drawing maps, making changes, testing lighting, raising hems, lowering necklines (hubba hubba) and trying to sleep. It’s all sort of working. We hope you have a wonderful week, here are a few things to distract you from what you should actually be doing.

In case you missed it, Neil deGrasse Tyson is my hero.

I can’t believe we didn’t know about this amazing resource earlier.

I am sort of loving Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and the line “put yourself first for him” is so good.

I didn’t know I was a gamer, but when I  get four hours free, I am all over this hipster time sucker.

Not totally sure about the new Rhianna album, but she does say “let me cover your shit in glitter” on the track with SZA, so I’m in.

Street style, Tokyo, 1967. That’s all you need to know.

Oh so pretty, let’s all go to Copenhagen.

My pal Sana wrote this amazing piece on creativity, identity and the hijabista market.

Need Instagram inspiration? Follow my friend Alex, it’s mostly tacos and crazy cute kids.

Such a great piece on creative energy.




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