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The show is tomorrow, the first show I am have done. It’s coming together, but I am in the depths of discovering how little I know about running fashion shows. I am excited, nervous, considering canceling it, considering inviting the president, on top of the world, and hiding under a desk all at the same time. There is a LOT going on in this brain right now. And I dyed my hands blue this morning, so that is pretty great.

Because I don’t have brain capacity to talk much more about this right now, you get a bunch of silly videos, describing how I feel. Because that is really all I can offer right now.

But mostly, I’m this guy.


Thank you for all the crazy sweet notes you have been sending. It means a lot to me. I want to linger-hug all of you. If you want to see photos of the show this weekend, we will be tagging with #kitfashionshow on Instagram, and will be oversharing like crazy next week right here.




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