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C / KIT before the runway



Hi. I did the thing.

I had my first runway show last Saturday, and I am still all smiles from it. Because I want to drag this out as long as possible, there will be two posts on the show this week, today and Friday, and probably like 5 more after because I just cannot get over myself.

I have a lot to say about the show, and not sure that I have really processed it all just yet. I am mostly grateful for the wonderful support from everyone the past few weeks. I have been living in a giant love bubble and I never want out.

I had a few amazing photographers there at the show who captured so many wonderful moments, and I am infinitely grateful. Thank you Mike Gebremedhin, Julia White and Micheal McKay, for contorting yourself all over Rokku to get these priceless shots. You guys are amazing.

The photos today are all before the show, taken by Julia White. While I was running around the venue stressing my face off, the models were hanging out and drinking champagne and eating cookies. Because being a model is hard work.

tiff down.jpg

details 1.jpg



girls 1.jpg

lucinda and tiff.jpg

legs laura.jpg

lin lu.jpgmodel line up.jpg

girls 2.jpg




Photos from the catwalk up on Friday.



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