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HJ-feb-10Morning everyone.  El Niño be damned, it is finally chilly in Cambodia.  Tiff even felt the need to attempt Canada and wear boots. Cait has been chilling hard the last few days, stuffing her face with crab and being lazy with her parents. Still swimming in a pool of love from the show on Saturday. It’s been a fantastic week, and we hope its the same for you all.

Lady Gaga nailed the National Anthem at the Superbowl, but lets talk about that red suit. Mainly, how to I get that red suit?

I wanna fly over to Chiang Mai and hang out with these guys and their pretty things.

Long live Samantha Bee

All of these cities please and thank you, Katie.

What? I wanna get lost in Norway

A fave photogs and all of her digs.

I am loving the the new format of DLF, and this post in particular. So much cool to choose from.

An interesting look at major labels changing creative direction. I like it.


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