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C / the runway / part one



I am really going to drag this out. There are too many amazing photos from the show last week to put all of them up in one post. (I don’t want to break my own internet, that’s just embarrassing.)

I am going to do three posts, with 5 looks each. I am putting them up in the same order they walked. Again, Mike Gebremedhin and Julia White are responsible for capturing these gorgeous shots.

The hair and make up for the runway show was done by Kate Korpi Salon, here in Phnom Penh. They are the business and I love them.

The models are responsible for being their gorgeous, sassy selves. Seeing the smiles on these women made everything worth it. I give you Tish, Sarah, Doreen, Tiff, and Kaitlyn.


tish 1.jpg

tish back

tish swag



sarah hot.jpg

sarah back.jpg

sarah 1.jpg


doreen werk

doreen strideDoreen Bar


tiff smiles

tiff slantoh yeah


Kait smiles

Kait bar

Kait legs

I hope you like them. I LOVE THEM. Yeah, the clothes, but mostly the women.

More on Tuesday.

Cover photo by Julia White



5 thoughts on “C / the runway / part one

  1. Riotous colors and graceful design. Number 2 is stunning. Your family and friends must be so proud. I can’t imagine how fun and gratifying this must have been for you.

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